About the Author

My name is Heather Strickler.  I am married with a family.  A story teller and a geologist,  I call myself a bard because I write music, sing, make art and animations, as well as writing.  My day job involves taking a hammer to squiggles until they look like the rocks they bounced off of (Siesmic processing).  The rocks are your friend.  Do not underestimate the rocks.  I tend towards fantasy and science fiction, though to be honest, I write which ever story is chasing me down with a net at a given time.  Stories get scary that way.  I hope to eventually have a webcomic or two to post here, but that and the animation in my head are a long way off.   When not at the computer, I garden, play with my son and husband, cook, and can, and dive head long into medieval recreation.