The Best Laid Plans

​The best laid plans are often led astray… and so, while I have several posts started, even as I am beginning this blog… I am already behind.  For now, I will simply endeavor to post every day.  For those of you waiting for the geology posts, those shall be forth coming, but I want to be sure I’m not miss-remembering anything (it will happen at the worst moment) and that I have reliable citations for you, even if they are sparse.  The current posts I have in the works are as follows:

Volcanoes – Cinder cones
Volcanoes – Stratovolcanoes/Composite cones
Volcanoes – Shield Volcanoes
Volcanoes – Lahars
Volcanoes – Nuee Ardente
Volcanoes and Earthquakes
Plate Boundaries – Divergent
Plate Boundaries – Convergent
Plate Boundaries – Transverse
Erosion patterns: Rills
Weathering Vs. Erosion.

Message vs. Theme
The Aladara Project.
Poetry: Balad of East and West
Poetry: Horatius at the Bridge
Poetry: Charge of the Light Brigade
Poetry and reality: The Female of the Species

Song Commissions – I’m Late!
Russian Illumination

Humility in the modern ‘me’ world
The Rock of Ages and the Age of Rocks.

General Thoughts:
Sacrificing Honor to save Face.

These are the ideas I have jotted down, but as none of the posts are done, I won’t say specifically when they will be released.  I have several stories I’m considering posting as well.  Most are currently hidden away as they are not yet done.  Writing projects, at least will be posted here and linked.  I’m open to suggestions.  For the moment I will simply be posting the above as I get them done and otherwise commenting on things that strike my fancy as I go.

1 thought on “The Best Laid Plans

  1. On the topic of extremes, volcanoes are pretty darn extreme themselves. All that smoke and ash and lava causes so much destruction, yet it brings new life with rich soils that plants love. They bring low the works of humanity, yet create scenes of great beauty.

    As for your posts, take your time so that you could make them as good as you want them to be.

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