Getting things moving

Just a quick note, and hopefully the start of a habit. The writing is coming. Whirlwind of Stars is finished and I’m wrestling with Indesign for things like covers. (I’m paying for it. Might as well use it.) Bearskin is, as the side bar shows, about 30k in. It’ll probably be 70ish k words or so. We’ll see for the final count. It feels about half way. I’m writing shorter than I expected I would.

I’ve gotten Scarlet On Snow back from my copy-editor. Whirlwind of Stars is still at Alpha reader stage. I need to get Mirror, Mirror copy edited, but Scarlet on Snow should be going out over the weekend. I’m checking which magazines are currently taking submissions and at what rates for publishing.

My husband and I are working on setting up the business end of things. When I get the website up, I’ll link it here. The name will be a play off of Wyrd Bard (already have the domain). Since so many of my characters seem determined to forge their own destinies, it seemed appropriate. (For those who don’t know, Wyrd is the Celtic concept of Destiny. Not as forged by an outside force, but forged by a person’s own actions. This can be quite dangerous if you think about it, because there is no trap so difficult to escape as the one you have locked yourself into. On the other hand, sink or swim they seize their futures. And it’s a lot of fun to write!)

The over all goal is to start releasing things in the new year. At least for long ficition. For short fiction I’ll send it on the run through the magazine markets. Then eventually put out collections and things myself. I have so many ideas. We’re thinking in terms of licencing not just publishing and there are several courses we’re going to be taking (mostly through a place called WMG publishing. They’re owned and largely run by two VERY experienced authors, Kristine Katheryn Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith. I highly recommend their websites if you want to know about the writing business. Or writing in general honestly. They are wellsprings of awesome and generously given information.)

For the rest of it Wiggle the Elder, the Incipient Astronaut is having a sleep over today. Wiggle the Younger, the Princess Firefighter, will be getting good mommy and daddy time all to herself. I’m working on laying out the land for gardens in the spring. We’ve done nothing with our land for far too long. WE’re still fighting the Battle of the Terribly Messy House, as well as dealing with the local wild life trying to see if we’ll let them come in. (No!) In other words, life as usual this far out in the country. On the upside, the local communications co-op has laid fiber in our area and in the next 2-4 months (they have 4 techs, total,and over 1000 people to work their way through. yes they’re trying to hire more at least on temp.) we should be getting awesome internet. So that about does it on our end.

I’ll be getting links to my writing up when the works go up there are a lot of place holders in the future. And the Contact Form shall make a reappearance.

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    1. They did, but I haven’t run into an explicit term for it. Usually it involved swearing about the Sidhe by various names. But often that external destiny made use of the personally driven one rather than being strictly independent of it. The salt on this one being that most of the Celtic lore I’ve found is limited in breadth.

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